From:Toronto, Ontario, CanadaSignature Move:Stratusfaction; Chick Kick
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Trish Stratus

Trained By:Ron HutchinsonCareer Highlights:Seven-time Women's Champion; Hardcore Champion; 3-time Babe of the Year (2001, 2002, 2003); cover girl on three WWE Divas MagazinesTrish Stratus is, perhaps, the greatest Diva to ever set foot inside a WWE ring. Tough, beautiful and talented, the gorgeous competitor was stunning in front of the camera and dominate in the ring, winning a record seven Women's Championships. This rare mix of good looks and skill is summed up perfectly by one description: "Sexy, smart and powerful."

Trish's reputation as one of the greatest females in sports-entertainment history did not come easily though. First achieving success as a fitness model, Stratus entered WWE in March 2000 as a manager, leading the careers of Test, Albert and Val Venis. Immediately, the WWE Universe could tell she was someone worth looking at it, but Trish was written off as just that — eye candy.

She would soon prove to be much more than that, however, when she started competing in 2001. In November of that year, Trish captured her first Women's Championship when she won a Six-Pack Challenge Match at Survivor Series. The gorgeous Diva would go on to win that title a total of seven times over the next five years, defeating top competitors like Lita, Molly Holly and Victoria in the process.

Trish announced her retirement from the ring in 2006 and competed in her last match at Unforgiven in September, defeating Lita to win the Women's Championship for the final time. In the years that followed, the beloved beauty made occasional returns to the ring, including a night as a special guest host on Raw in September of 2009.

At WWE Elimination Chamber in 2011, Trish returned again when she was announced as a trainer on the new season of WWE Tough Enough.thumb|468px|right

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