"Do I want them to love me ... or fear me?"
Cole MacGrath.
Karma is an integral part of the inFamous series, and heavily affects the overall game.


In inFamous, nearly every action and decision Cole does, affect him either positively or negatively. Depending on how drastic a decision is, the end-results can be minor or major. Cole's actions change his appearance, how his powers develop, the successive chain of events that happen within the story, how people and major characters react to his actions, and the very ending of the game.

Positive KarmaEdit

Cole is able to gain positive karma by playing as a hero to the people of Empire City. During this mental state, Cole is more calm and collected and is willing to openly sacrifice himself to situations that will benefit others but not himself, this reflects his powers, able to focus and take down single enemies more accurately, avoiding large, uncontrolled attacks that could hurt or kill innocent bystanders. Cole also remains the same during this mental state, appearing as the "symbol of help". Civilians also look up to Cole with awe, love, and respect.

The ranks available for the positive karma are: Guardian, Champion, and Hero

Negative Karma

Cole gains negative karma by focusing mainly on self-benefit, caring less for others. During this mental state, Cole is ruthless and aggressive, which also reflects his powers; his attacks become thumb|418px|rightmore destructive and scattered. Cole's appearance is drastically changed during this state, his skin appearing a pale gray, and his track suit turned into black and gray. Dark markings that look like electric currents also appear on Cole's skin.

The ranks available for the negative karma are: Thug, Outlaw, and Infamous.

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