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The school is located within the New England area, with the town resembling Connecticut. The school is a neo-gothic design and resembles Fettes College in Edinburgh. According to Jimmy Hopkins, it has a reputation of being one of the toughest and worst schools in the country.

The school consists of nine main buildings: the Boys' Dorm, the Girls' Dorm, the main building, the library, the auto repair shop, Harrington House, the gym, the Jocks Clubhouse and the Observatory. Other buildings exist, but they have no major role in the game. The school also has a football field and provides at least twelve classes: Art, Biology, Chemistry, English, Geography, Gym, History, Home Economics, Math, Music, Photography and Shop. Biology, Geography, Math and Music are only available to Jimmy in Bully: Scholarship Edition, but History and Home Economics never are.

The school has 60 students, not including the Prefects. At the end of the game, Gary Smith is expelled and Zoe Taylor is enrolled, so the number of students remains at 60. It is dominated by four cliques: the Nerds, the Preppies, the Greasers and the Jocks. The fifth clique, the Bullies have no real interest in the pecking order and often do as they like. There are also a number of Non-Clique Students as well as the four prefects and the faculty. The school's campus provides the backdrop to the early goings on during the game but features less and less as the game progresses.

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